Monday, 26 April 2010

Ubisoft register numerous website domains | PS3 Attitude

Ubisoft register numerous website domains | PS3 Attitude

LaserHomebattle caught my eye.
My guess is that LaserHomeBattle will be a Playstation Move game.(is it still called that I gave up keeping up on that one)
Lets you shoot lasers into other peoples houses.
It’ll be 3D so you see laser beams shoot around your living room – while your shots go smashing the opponents living room image replicated on your screen.
How effing cool would that be


  1. Turk, that's pure rubbish speculation, why do you make these crazy statements?

  2. Could be true what do you know?

  3. Well, for one thing because I'm you, you twit!

  4. look whose calling who a twit!

  5. Another feature, players can tag the stuff in their room (picture, ornament, furniture, plant, speaker, hi-fi. the Software will give them points according to classification and size. This feature will allow for scoring and trophies:
    Art critic: Total destruction of all pictures in five houses.
    Eco-villain: destruction of 50 plants.
    Literary critic: destruction of 100 books.
    Pet Plan: Destruction of 10 pets (gold trophy)
    Energy saver: Destruction of 25 home electronic devices
    Silencer: Destruction of 30 loudspeakers.
    Not the comfy chair: destruction of 20 sofas or armchairs.
    cushion the blow: destruction of 100 cushions.
    Spring Clean: Total destruction of someone's room (gold trophy)
    Pining for the fields! destruction of 10 bird pictures
    No way out: destruction of 50 doors.
    Nice view: destruction of 50 windows.
    totally pwned: destruction of 10 consoles.

  6. Players can add their own virtual items too if their rooms are a bit bare