Monday, 12 April 2010

Modern Warfare creators Zampella and West respawn with EA | PS3 Attitude

Modern Warfare creators Zampella and West respawn with EA | PS3 Attitude

Once again PS3Attitude deliver a darn good read. worth a look!
This time they report that the two genius's behind Infinity ward have respawned as "Respawn Entertainment" and jumped ship to EA.
Then we are given the usual "we put the gamers first" spiel.
Honestly, do they take us all for noobs?
“We’re excited, now that the team is in control of the games and brands, we can ensure that the fans are treated as well as they deserve.”
“we’re honored to be their partners.”
yeah yeah, and the rest!

What a load of tosh, this BS smells so bad I can see the curves of odious odour from here in North London.

Why don’t they simply admit they are chasing the money for god’s sake?
it’s not as if we are all fooled by their ‘commitment’ to gamers.
Y’think we were born yesterday!

Remember that Frank Zappa album “We’re only in it for the money”?

Perhaps they should re-release that track
“Every town must have a place where phoney gamers meet.
new dev’ studios popping up on every Next-gen street.
Go work for EA yay yay!

But seriously. I suppose they were saying to Activision. “Check this out, it rocks”
And activision were like “We’ve got a proven COD moneyspinner, if it ain’t broke…”

So they go to EA and say “Check this out, It rocks”
And EA say “Hey, ain’t you the guys that did COD, who gives a crap about your ideas, first things first take this money and come work for us, or dig a ditch and bury yourselves, go play hide and seek with Bin Laden – anything but stay with Activision.
Sure, work for us, reinvent pong or create something truly awesome, whatever, either way we’ll be singing in the shower for months.”

Actually I do believe the Respawn guys are sincere in wanting to continue making the most of their creative genius. This is only natural.
But You can bet your bottom dollah EA have their own agenda.
I’ve been watching some of the Bad Co 2 gameplay.
Y’know. It really looks like revamped old gen enemy movements. There is no AI that I could see, just reactive coding. It was hilarious watching the enemy soldiers wandering about waiting to get shot.
Maybe this is what the guys will bring to EA FPS, more dynamic, threatening enemy AI at least.
Good luck to them, really.

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