Monday, 1 March 2010

Games blasted for satanic content | PS3 Attitude

Games blasted for satanic content | PS3 Attitude

Wasn’t it the church that invented Satan?

And, as anyone who read the bible knows, all of the mass slaughters,global floods, drownings, plagues, fire-storms, wrath, destruction of cities and nations, incitement to wars etc., etc. were all done by or carried out under the instructions of a Mr Lord God Almighty.
What did Satan do? er, not a lot. Got someone to eat some fruit and get all kinky and think for themselves, have a chat with Mr B Jesus on a cliff-top.

Has someone ever done a body count of how many people God was responsible for killing, in some pretty God-awful ways.

If there was a Satan, he’s probably been playing catch up since he was booted from the Garden. Wasn’t even allowed to keep his tree. No wonder he’s p****d off.

And going by all the killings still going on in the name of one or other religions ‘God’, He’s still got his Mighty Mojo wrath on.

By comparison, what gamers get up to is less than the charge of a quantum particle.

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